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Medicaid & Long-Term Care

Medicaid & Long-Term Care

Whether for you or a family member, long-term care can drain your finances and can end up creating financial distress. We understand that for some, you are unable to attain long-term care because of high insurance costs or you do not qualify. Our advisors at Estate Planning & Preservation will work with you to create solutions that will ensure that long-term care is an option if the time ever comes. Come speak with us to see if you have the ability to substantially reduce your health care costs or protect a majority of your assets from Medicaid spend down. 


Medicare is an entitlement program, a federal health insurance program in which most people enroll when they turn 65 years old. There are no financial qualification rules. Medicare has two primary parts: Part A and Part B. 

Medicare Part A covers in-hospital care, extended care after a hospital stay, some home health care services, and hospice services. The rules for nursing home coverage are very strict and, in fact, Medicare pays for less than 9 percent of nursing home care in this country.